Delicious Savoury Scones Recipe

Snack time! This time I want to share my baking story of delicious savoury scones recipe. It is my first time trying this recipe, however it works! It is very simple recipe.

Taiwanese Castella Cake

Hi everyone, this time I want to share another recipe of Taiwanese Castella Cake. This is a simple recipe for breakfast or tea time. Enjoy!!

Tasty Homemade Baked Chicken

Tasty Homemade Baked Chicken is an easy recipe. Everyone can make this dish at home. Also you can create a different version of your homemade recipe.

Homemade Recipe : Baked Chicken with Honey Sauce

It’s the time for savoury dishes, and I try so many times to cook this dish and it taste delicious so I want to share this recipe so you can also make it at home. So let’s start cooking! Ingredients Chicken legs and wings (from one whole chicken) 2 tbsp vegetables oil or cooking oil…

Daily Breakfast Recipe : Souffle Pancake

During my days at home because of the covid-19, I get so much inspiration from YouTube cooking videos. So I try some of the recipe while spending my time working at home. So this time I will share my attempt cooking of souffle pancake. Basically it is a pancake in softer and thinker version. So…