The Mystery Blogger Award – Nomination

So, this my first time I got nominated by another blogger. I am so excited to accept this nomination. And I hope my blog posts always inspires and motivates you to keep blogging.

My Weekend Activity

Well, it has been a week since my country declared about the infection of corona virus. The virus spread significantly, and we have been told to stay at home, and always keep our self aware of being healthy and clean. So, despite the bad news, my husband and I decided to do something else in…

It’s A Big World, Just Work it Out

We were standing there, Looking up the city below with the blue sky above, We were dreaming of going around the world, and it’s just the beginning of our adventure, Yes, it’s a big world and we will work it out Happy Valentine Day to you all and your dear family

Sweet Goodbye to 2019 and be kind 2020

So it is nearly the end of 2019. My husband and I did not visit too many places this year. However, I am very grateful because we could celebrate our 4th anniversary traveling the heritage city of Mallaca and Penang. That was an amazing trip. I know that 2019 was not the best year for…

Season’s Greetings : A Special Christmas Gift

It’s December!! And it is my favorite month of the year. And I am pretty sure that some of you also feel the same. There are Christmas vibes everywhere, and always be a romantic month. This year I got a special present from my dearest friend. What is that? It is a Christmas tree 3D…