Backpacker’s Itinerary : Exploring Georgetown (Part 4)

P. E. N. A. N. G

One of the famous island in the southeast Asia, part of Malaysia territory. Penang also declared to be the World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Located in the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia, the city has so much attractions to offer, including the heritage site of Georgetown. You can use the ferry from Butterworth to Penang or by bus.

One of Old Restaurant Building

What to do in Georgetown?

Street Art Style of Georgetown

It is well-known that one of the most popular destination in Georgetown is its street art. In every corner of the street you can find the building wall has been painted to be an art. This also known as ‘Penang Street Art’. Painted by some professional painter, the street art evolved into high quality art, even some of them involve objects that can be used while taking photos.

The Siblings Swing

Siblings Swing

One of the best mural art, and it is the first place we visited among all the street art. Even there is a friendly gift seller that offers us to take our photo.

The friendly gift seller

And you can buy some gifts from her shop, only 10RM for one set of souvenirs.

The Basketball Player

Playing Basketball

Located just across the road when we found the siblings swing, also we found the mural of brother and sister playing basketball.

Kids on Bycicle

Let’s ride bycicle

Grab from the Window

Mural Art

Located near souvenir shop, this mural art also one of the best art. They put objects like real window’s shutter and bycicle to make 3D real image.

The Pushing Men

Just keep pushing!

This street art also located near souvenir shop and to make it attractive, they also put some colorful umbrellas above the mural.

Rainbow Umbrellas

City of Georgetown

The Heritage Building

Apart from its street art, Georgetown also known for its heritage building and liveable city for locals with less pollution. It is very comfortable just to stroll along the city by walking.

The Old Town

I recommend to explore the city in the evening, because it is really hot in midday, and you can have sunburn if you don’t use some sunblock.

Praying Temple
Sri Mahamariamman Temple

Similar with Malacca and Kuala Lumpur, here also you can find the Sri Mahamariamman Temple.

And if you like to buy some souvenirs or gifts for your friends and family, you can visit the market nearby.

One of Snack Shop
Snack Seller

Georgetown at Night

When the sun is starting to set, the food hawkers starting their activities to open their stall. The Chulia Night Hawkers is best known for its street food in Penang.

Skewers Food Stall

You can please your palate here, with so many choices of street food with affordable price. The edge of the skewers has been painted with particular color to differ its price.

The Skewers Guide
Choose Your Favorite

To be honest, at that time, I was a little bit confused to choose because there were so many different types of skewers. 😂

Another Food Stall
Ordering the third dishes

Besides the street food, you can also find some fine dining restaurants near the Penang Street.

Chulia Street
Love Lane Street
Chinese Restaurant

But be careful of the price, because sometimes they did not put the price on the menu, or there is also some dishes that offered by the waiters that has not been listed in the menu.

So that is my story in Georgetown, to be part of our anniversary journey in Malaysia. And it was really impressive to explore one of best heritage site in Asia.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Keep caring and loving 😊


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