Backpacker’s Itinerary : Night Life in Malacca (Part 3)

So after took a walk in daylight in Malacca and saw a lot of wonderful places there, it’s time to explore the city at night.

Taming Sari Tower

Taming Sari Tower

The Taming Sari Tower was introduced in 2008, this 110m height tower has 80 seats to bring the passengers up to see the beautiful city of Malacca. It is a revolving gyro tower which can go up and down for about at least 7 minutes.

The View from the passenger’s seat

To enter the tower you must buy a ticket entrance which cost for about 23RM. The operational hour of this tower is 10am until 11pm, but in special occasion this hour might be different, so I suggest you to always check from the internet or ask the tour guide.

Beautiful Malacca River from above

If you like to go there, I suggest to go right before sunset hour. You will get to capture the sunset while on board. And it is so beautiful to see the lights come up from the buildings below.

The Beautiful city of Malacca

Cruising along Malacca River

The second destination would be the Malacca River.

Malacca River at night

There are some spots selling the ticket for Malacca River cruise, you can find it’s easy to get up the boat. The line is a bit crowded at night, but it is really worth it. The ticket fare is 30RM for foreigner, and it opens from 9am until 11.30pm. And of course I suggest to go on cruise at night, because the city lights will come up, and along the river there will be various lights that will be vibrant color to the river.

Malacca River

The citizens of Malacca really love their river, it is clean, quiet, and they paint the back of the buildings with graffiti art, that will enhance the beauty of this place.

Inside the jetty
Beautiful moon caught from the jetty

Along the river there are luxury hotels, budget hotels, heritage hotels and also restaurants that will indulge your stay in this city.

The graffiti art
Restaurant along The Malacca River

So I would love to say 100% yes to visit Malacca, it is really stunning city with so many tourist attractions to offer both in daylight or at night.

So thank you for reading and visiting my blog, I will continue my story in Malaysia in the post. So keep checking my blog and kindly visit me on Instagram @riesti.wd

Keep caring and love 😊


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