Have a Chocolate Day

So, about one year ago, I visited chocolate museum in Yogyakarta, Indonesia named Monggo. They have various types of chocolate flavour. If you like to know more story about the museum kindly visit my blog here : https://themarvelousstory.blog/2019/03/10/monggo-chocolate-the-delightful-of-yogyakartas-finest-chocolate/

Backpacker’s Itinerary : Exploring Malacca in One Day (Part 1)

On our 4th anniversary journey, my husband and I decided to go vacation to our neighbor country, Malaysia. We intended to visit some historical state in Malaysia, one of them is the Malacca city. Where is Malacca city? Located in the southern part of Malaysia’s state, near the strait of Malacca, about 150km from the…

Photography : Beach at Yogyakarta

Recently I found this picture I have been taken couples years ago when I was still studying at my hometown in Yogyakarta. This picture was taken by my smartphone camera. And I edited using Snapseed application. Time flies so fast that I did not realise that it has been 10 years ago since I was…

Tokyo : The Fusion of Ancient and Modern City (Day 1)

Originally posted on The Storyteller:
Who does not know Japan? Japan is well-known for its industrial products like vehicles, electronics, and many more advanced technology products. Besides the technology, Japan also has many tourist destinations from the ancient to modern one. That’s why Japan become the first place I want to visit. It was late…

Beautiful Sunset at the Top of Parangtritis Beach

It is nice to end 2019 with beautiful view of Sunset at my hometown. Located near Parangtritis Beach, the Paralayang Watugupit is one of brand new travel destinations that attracts so much travelers. Teenagers, families, even couples usually gather here just to watch sunset here.

1 Day in Kuala Lumpur : Backpacker’s Itinerary (Part 1)

Continuing my story when I traveled to Jewel Changi last November, this time I want to share my trip in Kuala Lumpur for only one day. Why only one day? Well, actually my travel destination was to visited Mallaca and Penang, but I occasionally took a visit to Kuala Lumpur because I have read some…

Flashback, Memories of Japan

So, this time is a flashback memories when in Japan. Recently I opened again my photo or video album on my smartphone, and I found plenty of stories there. So I make some teaser stories of my journey in Japan using Android application named FilmoraGo. So here it is https://youtu.be/8kEGsl-C32k

Jewel Changi, The Wondrous of Singapore

Recently, my husband and I decided to celebrate our 4th anniversary in Malaysia. But before going there, we took a transit flight from Jakarta to Singapore instead of going straight to Kuala Lumpur. Why? Yep, it’s because Jewel Changi. Located in the airport complex of Singapore International Airport, the Jewel Changi is the most modern…